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We’re a team-first company.

At One Solution Logistics (OSL), we believe every piece of the logistics puzzle is vital. That’s why we value each of our team members and the contributions they make.

15 Years in the Logistics Business

OSL provides clients with the best quality automotive parts so they can produce their best quality products. We leverage advanced technology, invest in continuous improvements, and seek inspiration to exceed our customer’s expectations while always applying the safest standards. Our aim is to become a global leader in the consolidation center and logistics arenas, establishing the standards for all Consolidation Centers (CC) worldwide.

Our Key Goals



We will establish a new level of teamwork with our customer to ensure line-side delivery.

Own Identity

OSL will maintain our own identity as part of the logistics industry to ensure competitiveness.

Personal Respect

Clearly defined lines of responsibilities between the customer and OSL Associates while maintaining the respect of the individual.


Excellence in associate relations will be maintained through higher levels of communication by the customer and OSL.

Challenging Spirit

We will proceed with a challenging spirit dedicated to using innovation in technology and process.

Careers at OSL

The work experience

As a general warehousing operation, OSL associates have the opportunity to operate stand-up forklifts, sit-down forklifts, tuggers, and yard trucks, as well as participate in general production opportunities. While not all associates will operate equipment, each member of our team plays an essential role in our processes.


OSL truly appreciates every single associate and their commitment, dedication, and contribution to our operations. We hold a variety of associate appreciation events throughout the year to express our gratitude and create a fun, welcoming culture.

Community Involvement

Beyond our connections with customers, OSL values our connections with our local communities and we proudly engage in a variety of activities that support our local organizations.

Some of our recent activities include volunteering at animal shelters and state parks, and organizing a supply drive for community schools.


Safety and Health Awareness

We are absolutely dedicated to ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of our associates and of others who may be affected by our activities. OSL will take all responsible steps to achieve this commitment, comply with our legal obligations, and promote a positive health and safety culture throughout the company.

A strong safety culture is built on associate engagement, proactive management, safety innovation, knowledge sharing, and the benchmarking of best practices among HLI companies. These are our guideposts for success.

On this issue, we are very clear: Safety will always come before all other considerations.


“Thank you so much for the school supplies. Many of our students will benefit from your kindness!”

– Kara Holdsworth, Primary Principal GES

Begin your journey forward.

“There is literally always someone around the corner ready to help or show you how to complete the task at OSL.”

“With lots of hard work and maintaining the ability to receive feedback I finally achieved Team Lead. After learning to run both Weld Plant Direct and North Dock Plant Direct, I was asked to run Quality control. Honestly, there is no place I’d rather be.”

– Antonio Porter

“Working for OSL has challenged me for the better.”

“It has allowed me to have new job opportunities and advancements. Each day brings about new challenges, but I have confidence from my training that I can now tackle any issue that may arise and help better the team.”

– Brittany Bloom

Our Environmental Policy

As a responsible member of society, OSL actively endeavors to protect the environment across all our business activities by following best practices for the conservation of natural resources, recycling efforts, pollution prevention, and ultimately the preservation of our planet.

The 3C’s

Optimize our commitment to COMPLY with applicable environmental regulations required by local, state, and federal agencies as well as internal requirement.

Standardize our responsibilities for CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVING environmental performance and adopt appropriate operation policies and training.

Look continuously for programs to CONSERVE raw materials and energy, and whenever practical, recycle or reduce waste generated by our activities.


Days in Operation

Vehicles Supported Every Year

Square-foot Warehouse

One Solution Logistics is a proud subsidiary of Honda Logistics North America, Inc.